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Interurban Trolley

The Interurban Trolley provides fixed route route bus service to the general public operating five fixed routes. The Trolley provides easy, affordable public transit along the corridors connecting Elkhart and Goshen as well as major points of commerce between the two cities.

Interurban Trolley Access

The Interurban Trolley Access is a paratransit program for the Interurban Trolley. The paratransit program is a public transportation service for disabled persons unable to use the Interurban Trolley fixed route system and serves the same general service area the Trolley buses operate.

  • Eligibilityadd
  • Anyone who wishes to use the Interurban Trolley Access must apply and be found eligible prior to using the ADA Paratransit service. The Interurban Trolley Access ADA Card is free.

    You may call 574-674-8894 to request an ADA Eligibility Application or click "Paratransit ADA Application" and mail your completed application to the address below:

    Interurban Trolley Access
    227 W. Jefferson Blvd.
    1120 County-City Building
    South Bend, IN 46601

    You may be required to provide a physician’s verification of your disability for the Interurban Trolley Access ADA Card.

  • Service Areaadd
  • The Interurban Trolley Access Corridor is defined as a continuous 1.5 miles corridor around the Interurban Trolley fixed route service area, except for the portion of the Yellow Line Mishawaka/Elkhart Route between the Twin Branch Park area and Mishawaka Transfer Center. This portion of the Yellow Line recieves ADA Paratransit coverage from South Bend Transpo's Access Service.

    Corridor Map

  • Scheduling a Tripadd
  • Once you receive your Interurban Trolley Access ADA Card, you are eligible to ride

    Please call the number below to schedule a trip: 574-674-2345

    Weekday Trips

    8:30 AM — 4:00 PM, Mon — Fri

    Trips must be scheduled in advance by 4:00 PM one business day before.

    Saturday + Monday Trips

    Must be scheduled no later than 4:00 PM the Friday before.

    Day after a Holiday Trip

    Trips for the day after a holiday must be scheduled no later than 4:00 PM the business day before the holiday.


    Trip cancellations must happen at least one hour before scheduled departure time, otherwise you will be considered a No-Show. Riders with recurring No-Shows may be suspended from the Interurban Trolley Access Service.